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The Book

This book contains a collection of simple healing techniques that are easy to carry out on an everyday basis and, in some cases, are essential to your ongoing well-being. Some of these techniques may be new to you, while others may be familiar and so may be a welcome reminder for you. All of them are fairly uncomplicated, and all are highly effective. The idea of putting them in one place in a comfortably sized volume is that they are more easily accessible and so easy to remember, use, and integrate on an everyday basis.


I call this book and those techniques Gifts for Your Soul, for that is exactly what they are. As energetic beings, or souls, having a human experience, when we take care of our personality, human self, and energy field, we also care for our soul self. These techniques help us integrate our soul reality into the human experience more easily, and then they can help us live our lives from a bigger picture or soul perspective, which is deeply comforting and infinitely more rewarding than a small-time, one-life perspective.